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With its weight of only 200 grams the lotion bow is a lightweight and can be easily used by everybody. On the beach, for your training or after a visit at the Tattoo Studio, Lotion Bow is used everywhere and every time that a protected back is needed.



1. Arch formed arm
The arch formed arm is bound elastic and fits in an optimal way to the countour of your body.

2. Hand-grip
The hard-wearing hand-grip feels agreeable in your hand for the highest utilization comfort.

3. Roll-bow
The roll bow is produced with high-grade steel and is resistant to seawater.

4. Foam roll
The Foam roll absorbs easily liquids and dispenses only as much as your skin can absorb.

5. Protection box
Allows a clean transport and protects the foam roll from drying.


The application is very easy and occurs naturally. You don’t need to put a lot of weiht on your shoulders or your back. That’s why this product is also excellent for persons with physical difficulties like problems with shoulder or back.

Intended use: The Lotion Bow is exclusively foreseen for application of body care products for cosmetical, theurapeutical and medical utilization.


34 cm


13 cm

Package Contents

1x Foam roll, 1x Lotion-Bow with selected grip, 1x Protection tin, Information brochure, Instruction brochure


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